Altab Ali Foundation


These are documentary films about Altab Ali and the events of the 1970s:

Racism - East London - Thames Television - 1978

Anti Nazi League - Documentary Thames Television - 1978

70's Bangladesh community in brick lane and Whitechapel

Around Brick Lane O.K. - East End of London in 1976

Julie Begum's play - 'The Altab Ali Story'

Altab Ali Park

Hundreds of people pass through the Altab Ali Park in White Chapel every day. Thousands of people know the name of Altab Ali Park. Millions of people can see the existence of the park on the map. However, only a few of us know who Altab Ali was and why the park has been named after him.

Young people at Tower Hamlets Summer University made a film about Altab Ali Park. This film was a joint winner of the Guy Ritchie Young Film Makers award 2004. The film project was led by Bhavesh Hindocha of Loud Minority.

For further information about 'Loud Minority', please visit their website at

London Against Racism: Dan Jones

Dan Jones is an artist and activist based in Tower Hamlets. Eastside Community Heritage interviewed him as part of their project on London's long history of opposition to racism.

Altab Ali & the Battle of Brick Lane